Book-Keeping / Accounting

G Srinivas & Co, Chartered Accountants takes ownership for the entire accounting function right from invoice processing, cheque writing to reporting and liaising for various audits. With our help, companies can operate even without any support staff for related functions at their India office.

As financial documentation that backs an accounting statement, accounting data serves as a barometer for several functions like strategic planning, tax planning and compliance, secretarial compliance and compliance compatible with requirements of other regulatory authorities. The efficacy of several decisions rests with the quality of accounting data available. Therefore, an empirical study of the role of accounting data in performance evaluation serves as a rallying point for decision-makers of the company.

Conventionally, the accounts division is apprised of the prospective transactions by the company. As a natural corollary, having a competent review mechanism and an informed accounts division is of paramount importance. It helps to comprehend the attendant risks relating to regulatory, financial and tax planning. It saves the company from statutory violations, financial losses and other eventualities that could be detrimental to its interest in the long run.

It is a pre-eminent given that every entity is to focus on growth-oriented policies; it must be supported by an informed accounts division that scrupulously submits to rigorous execution, detailed documentation, continuous monitoring and time-tested communication protocols.
The following regulations should be the ideal governors:

  • Accounting Standards of The CA Institute
  • Income Tax Act
  • Companies Act
  • Indirect Tax Acts
  • Respective Regulatory bodies like STPI, RBI, etc.
  • Guidance Notes by The CA Institute
  • Meeting the requirements of the parent company

Accounting is the pulse of an organization. It has to function normally under all circumstances. Our gamut of accounting services includes all micro and macro aspects of day-to-day and periodic (monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually) accounting tasks and ensures a prompt, accurate and insightful reporting.